Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tortilla bowls…

Okay, I saw this somewhere out in the Pinterest world and I have to say that it actually works.  Take a jumbo muffin pan, turn it upside down and spray lightly with olive oil Pam between four of the cups (although you may not actually need to do this).  Now take a small tortilla and place it on the pan like this…


I baked at 350 degrees for about 8-10 minutes until it was crispy then filled with refried beans, turkey taco meat and some shredded cheese.  YUM!


Wow to figure out what to bake a large tortilla on without buying one of those expensive, single purpose tortilla bakers.  Hmmm…maybe a stainless or glass bowl?  Although you wouldn’t get the same look.  Any ideas out there?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pinterest crafting…

I decided to try some of the crafts I’ve had on my Crafts to Make Someday Pinterest board.  I’ve been pinning like crazy, but haven’t taken much time to actually craft and that’s the fun part!

First off, this cute bracelet is a copy of this one.  All you need is wooden beads, leather lace and a pretty button.  I like how I can wear it with the button in the front to show it off or in the back.  


Next up was to make a copy of this bird nest necklace.  I think it turned out pretty cute for my first attempt. What do you think?  I used the 24 gauge wire, but you can also use 20 gauge for a more delicate look. 


I saw this road trip pillow case and thought it would be perfect for our Disney trip coming up over Fall break.  It has a big pocket on the front to stow night time reading and a little friend.  Lauren is loving the color blue right now and she loves puppy dogs, so when she saw this fabric at Joann’s she grabbed the bolt right off the rack.  I picked up a yard of fabric, a package of jumbo rickrack, a craft felt square, two fat quarters of fabric for the pocket, and a piece of webbing for the handle.  I think it turned out darn cute and she loves it.  


I made a run to Michael’s yesterday and they had a bunch of the $1 toy aisle stuff on clearance, so I picked up a spiral notebook for .25 cents and a piece of Disney scrapbook paper.  I remembered this idea I saw the other day.  I cut out a Mickey head, a bow and used my Cricut for the letters.  Now Lauren has her own personalized autograph book for Disney.  She LOVES it and can’t wait to get all her favorites to sign! 


Lauren also got in on the jewelry making and made a little stretch bracelet.  Thanks, Nancy, for the little beading kit!


Well, it was a fun and productive craft weekend.  Now to think about what to try next. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

First day of kindergarten…

I took today off so Joe and I both could see her off to school today.  We got up extra early since we weren’t quite sure how the morning traffic would be at this time.  I’m usually on the freeway by 6:15am to make it to work by 7am.  At that time traffic is light, but school doesn’t start until 7:45am so I was expecting it to be pretty bad.  We have her enrolled out of district, so the school is about 12 miles away. 

I got her up for breakfast at about 6:15am and she was pretty excited to get her big day started.  We read The Night Before Kindergarten before bed last night and talked all about how the morning and day would go. 


Here’s my big kindergartener girl!


The classes meet in the playground and the teacher leads the line of kids into the building.  It was organized chaos with cameras snapping everywhere!


She was all smiles until the other lines started going in…then she was a bit apprehensive. 


But when her line started to move, she went right in with no tearful good-bye.  With a final snap of the camera she was gone.  Off she went to the very first day of school.  As soon as she was out of sight, my heart sank for a second and the tears started.  My baby was off on her own to a whole new adventure and I wasn’t going along…sniff, sniff.  It’s so hard to let go.  I can’t wait to pick her up and hear all about her first big day. 


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Craft day…

Yesterday I had some friends over for crafting.  Lauren was so excited for the day and I love this big smiley hug I caught.  This is her BFF, Lily, who stayed the night on Friday. 


Before everyone arrived, I sneaked a squeeze in with the girls…




For lunch we had fresh fruit, lemon rosemary chicken and roasted veggie pasta salad. Both recipes were from Jamie Deen’s new show Home for Dinner and both were big hits!


I was thrilled to actually finish the craft I had in mind for the day.  I had this idea pinned on my Pinterest board for a while.  It’s super simple and I think the whole project costs about $7.  I painted a 16” x 20” canvas and used five coordinated sheets of 12” x 12” scrapbook paper cut into leaves.  I stuck them down with Zots clear adhesive dots.  In the tutorial, she uses a hot glue gun but I figured that would be messy and cause clumping under the leaves.  The dots are flat and so easy to use. 


On the edge, just wrap the leaves around the side of the canvas and stick it down with the adhesive dots.  Before I glued any leaves down, I positioned them in place and sort of moved them around and trimmed as needed until I liked the pattern.   Big thanks to my friend, Heather, who has a fantastic eye for color and patterns. 


Here’s our little “artists” caught red handed chalking up the play center.  By the time we busted them they had chalk everywhere including the inside walks of the clubhouse.  Thanks goodness it was only chalk and the hose took it right off!