Sunday, August 9, 2009

The weekend went too fast for me!

I can't believe it's already Sunday night and I'm off to work tomorrow. The weekends go by in a flash!

Friday after work I saw the new movie Julie & Julia...LOVED IT! If you love to cook and try new recipes, there will be something in this movie that will hit home with you. I saw it with my friend, Christine. We both love to cook and we get together occasionally just to try out new recipes and eat good food. The movie is two stories in one...both women live parallel lives and end up finding themselves through their love of cooking. This is the first movie I've seen in a theater in the last 10-12 least it was a good one! Oh, another thing about the makes me want to break out my pearls from China and actually start wearing them. You'll know what I mean when you see the movie.

Yesterday morning we stopped by IKEA (one of my favorite stores), then off to lunch and home for Lauren's nap. I spent some time just snuggling and playing with Lauren when she got up from her nap. She's snugly for a good 15 plus minutes when she gets up and I love that time with her. After that, we were off to my in-laws for dinner. Lauren stole the show at their place and was smiley, happy, and friendly with everyone. She let both Aunt Mary and Aunt Peggy pick her up, which I think was a first. I finally remembered to bring my camera this time, so I snapped some pics and did a couple of quick layouts...

Today we took it slow most of the day, but while Lauren was napping I headed out to Target to stock up on things and get some groceries. It was nice because I got to take it real slow and look at anything I wanted! Usually I'm racing through the aisles trying to get out before Lauren has a shopping cart melt-down. Yes, shopping at my own pace is one thing I miss now that I'm a momma, but I'll trade in shopping for Lauren any day!


Carolin said...

Ikea is an awesome place! Looks like a fun weekend, but yes - they always go by way too fast.

I totally agree w/ you on the snuggle time - that's my favorite part of any day with the kiddos.

We were able to see the Norr family while we were on vacation. Maybe one of these days we can make it out your way!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like a great weekend.. even though it went by tooooo fast..
Have a fast week..
Love the photos..

Carol said...

Oh I hear you on the shopping!! And Emily is going potty now, so that is another issue...when she has to go, we have to GO!! and we have had some close calls!!! Good to see you blogging!!

Amy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the movie but I'm not sure I'll get there until later in the month. I used to watch Julia Child when I was growing up and the first "grown-up" cook book I asked for as a present in junior high was her French Chef cookbook. I watched a PBS special that ran three old episodes on Saturday. It was pretty fun.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I SO want to see "Julie and Julia." I think I'll wear my pearls when I go... I'm guessing I know why. Thanks for the tip - heh.

Scrappy Bug said...

Donna, you are truly gifted when it comes to scrapping! I have the same kits... but mine never look as good as yours! You have such great idea!!!

:) Maybe its the gorgeous girl that adorns all the layouts?!!