Monday, July 5, 2010

Holiday weekend...

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! We started out Saturday by taking Lauren to her very first movie. We saw Toy Story 3. Here she is proudly holding her tickets...

We had breakfast out right before the movie, so we didn't hit the snackbar. I did bring some Red Vines though. A movie wouldn't be complete without them. She did great during the movie and sat through the whole thing. We purposely went to a regular showing and not 3-D. I thought that would be way too much for her right now.

Saturday evening we met some friends and their kids for dinner and ice cream. We all had a really nice time and the kids got along so well together. Sindy, I wish we didn't live so far from you guys!

We didn't do much this year on the 4th. We actually had kind of a lazy day, which totally worked for me. We did throw some burgers on the grill and had a nice dinner just the three of us. We didn't feel like dealing with the heat this year for fireworks, so we copped out and watched the display over the Hudson River in NY on TV. Actually, with all the lights off in the room it was really pretty and they had some fireworks I've never seen before.


Carolin said...

Toy Story was the very first movie I took Ryan to! Bet you had a great time ... and some down time on the 4th sounds relaxing too!

Kim said...

Sounds like a great weekend..
I wish I could have made it to meet you guys on Sat. evening.
Have a great week.
LOVE the photos..
Lauren is toooo cute..

Debbie Sauer said...

Glad she enjoyed the movie. She looks great in the red, white and blue. It's been too hot to do anything, but relax in the pool. Blessings.