Sunday, September 26, 2010

Preschool Update (lots of pics)

Lauren has been in preschool for two weeks now and is doing great.  She seems to really like it and we have noticed that she is more chatty and is playing on her own a little more now.  Here’s a pic one of the teachers sent me on her first day after I texted asking how she was doing.  That smile on her face said it all and made me feel so much better.  She had no tears the first day or any day yet for that matter.  Preschool is going to be SO good for her and I’m so glad we decided to enroll her. 

 preschool 2

After her first day of school we treated her to Build a Bear.  She wanted to make a kitty and picked Chococat, one of Hello Kitty’s friends. 


As you can see, she was VERY happy about her selection.


Even though Chococat is really a boy in the Hello Kitty world, Lauren selected a pink outfit complete with little Sketchers shoes.  Sorry, kitty, I hope you don’t develop a complex.  


I thought kitty needed some jammies to change into at night, so I surprised Lauren with these when she put on her jammies.  She loved changing Shadow’s (kitty’s new name) outfit. 


After her first week at preschool, here’s all the projects we collected.  I especially like the little collection of items all grouped by 4…macaroni, buttons, pom poms…very cute. 


It looks like she had an especially good day!


Last week we had a couple of friends over and the girls decorated some slice and bake sugar cookies.  They were so concentrated on how they placed their spinkles and they REALLY piled it on. 

IMG_3765 IMG_3774

The cookies actually turned out really cute and we enjoyed them with some milk. 


Then we beaded some necklaces and bracelets.  Gotta practice those fine motor skills! 


Two cuties…



Debbie Sauer said...

It's so hard to let go, but pre-school is so good for them, just for social skills alone. I love seeing how happy she is. Blessings.

Carolin said...

what a beautiful smile! looks like she's loving preschool!

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

I'm so glad Lauren is loving preschool! Lexi is too! It's so much fun to see them happy and interacting with others.


Kim said...

Great photos..
Looks like Lauren loves school..
She is sooo PRETTY..
Have a great week.

M3 said...

Sweet pics!! Ro and Ree looked at all of them (particularly the cookie ones) and wanted me to tell Lauren "Hi!" from them. When they see her in pics, by the way, they always get all excited and say "Mama! Do you remember she took a walk with us in Utah?"

Lisa and Tate said...

So adorable! So happy Lauren is loving preschool and doing so great in it! Got to love the fun art projects.

Alice said...

Every teacher dreams of having a student like Lauren! I'm certain she'd take a class full!

Lindy said...

Her smile just lights up the room!!
So glad she is liking school.

Catherine said...

It's great to see and hear how well Lauren is doing at pre-school! What an adorable smile she has and I'm sure it lights up her pre-school classroom too!

Mmmmm...yummy cookies! Great baking girls.