Monday, August 15, 2011

Catching up…

Lauren started her 2nd year of preschool last week and she loves it!  She’s going four days a week now from 8:30am-12:30.  It’s only because Joe isn’t working full-time right now that we’re able to have her in a curriculum based pre-school.  If we were both full-time, she would be in daycare.  As much as I miss not having two full incomes, sometimes it’s a blessing.

  IMG_2261 IMG_2264

Today I was off work so I gave a half-hearted attempt at a bento lunch with what I had on hand.  Certainly not Wendolonia, my bento idol!


My tomboy girl, who is starting to tolerate an occasional dress, wore this “ballerina” dress today.  If I can convince her that it’s a “ballerina” dress, then half the battle is won right there.  She loves to twirl!

IMG_2275 copy  

Yes, she is holding Perry the platypus (if you’re a mom, you know who he is).  No dolls for this tomboy.  It’s Perry love in our house.  When his leg is squeezed, he makes that strange platypus sound from the show…oh goody! 

IMG_2278 IMG_2277

I’m working on a big assembly line style sewing project right now.  No, it’s not beach robes like the one I made here, but they are made from beach towels.  I’m making ten of them so I’ll be BUSY for a while and covered in little towel fuzzies until I’m done!



M3 said...

Oooo, a new bento site I've never checked out -- fun, off to browse!

Your bento looks great, I'll bet she loved the flower cheese slices.

Stephe said...

Oohh, I think I know what you are making!!! :) Lauren looks so pretty in her sparkly dress!!! I think it's the BLING that put that HUGE smile on Lauren. giggle. Love ya. Stephe

Lisa~~ said...

Your bento look adorable but not as much so as Lauren...beautiful. Can't wait to see what you're making. Also if you're looking for bento supplies, check out the header on my blog for a great site to get everything adorable.