Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Fun!

I can’t believe October has already come and gone.  It was a super fun month for us, and it sure did go by in a flash!



Last weekend Lauren and I headed out to the pumpkin patch to meet up with a friend. 

The girls had a great time picking out their pumpkins and decorating them with foam stickers.  Lauren especially liked the bounce house…not exactly typical Fall fun, but fun nonetheless.





Lauren has been bringing home some really cute projects from preschool this month.  When I picked her up from school on one of my Mondays off, I noticed wire hangers sandwiched between orange sheets of tissue paper with glue all around the edges.  They were sitting out to dry and I wondered what they were making.  Well, they tore off the edges of the tissue to form a pumpkin…I thought this was a cute idea and one I might steal sometime. 


This past Saturday Joe was off and we had a really nice day together, just the three of us.  I put on a big pot of chili and then carved a pumpkin.  Lauren wanted her pumpkin to have round eyes and a nose with a happy smile… 


I wish I could give you a great recipe for the chili, but I kept it simple and used my favorite Coyote Country chili seasoning mix.  It was SOOO good with shredded cheese on top and crackers. 


Here’s my Little Red Riding Hood cutie pie!  I bought this storybook months ago and we’ve been reading it at bed time.  She loves it and knew right away what she wanted to be for Halloween.  This costume was made by my Mom originally for my niece, Katie, who is now a senior in high school.  I love that Lauren is wearing Katie’s costume from about 14 years ago!  Maybe if Katie has a daughter some day she will wear it too. 


The girls had a blast running from house to house and had no problem at all going right up to the door yelling “trick or treat”.  Last year they were both still a little apprehensive.  It was so much fun to see how excited they were and Lauren did a great job, after a little coaching, saying thank you to everyone.  We only walked a few blocks, but the girls certainly got a nice stash of candy including a full sized Crunch bar that somehow disappeared out of Lauren’s pumpkin over night.  ;)

IMG_3198IMG_3174   IMG_3210IMG_3209 ii


sierrasmom said...

Great pictures!! It looks like a great time was had by all!!!

Stephe said...

LOVE the costume! She's got that million dollar smile! Love it!

Diane and John said...

Great costume! Looks like a fun Halloween!
Awesome job on the pumpkin carving

Kim said...

Love all the photos..
You guys are always doing fun stuff..
Love the Red Riding hood costume..
Have a great week..

Kristy said...

The most beautiful Little Red Riding Hood in the world!!!!!

Love and blessings, Kristy