Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday fun

One of our local dairy farms has an annual holiday event they call “Joy to the Herd”.  We met some friends there last weekend and Lauren had a blast.  They take you on a tour of the farm including the milking facility and then they have a video on how the milk get processed at the distribution plant.  After the tour, they drop you off at a big red barn where you meet Santa and Roxie, their cow mascot.  Everyone gets a chocolate milk and they have crafts and face painting.  Outside the barn, they have a big pile of snow and a snow slide for the kids.  Lauren’s favorite part was the slide and throwing snowballs…remember, we don’t see snow around here!

Shamrock Farms

Yesterday evening we went to an outdoor mall with a very festive Christmas feel.  All the trees are lit up and they have carriage rides, Santa and a mini light show.  They were having a special event last night and Lauren got to take a pony ride.  At the end of night I asked what what she liked the best and this was it!



And here she is with the big man himself…she sure LOVES Santa!

Santa pic 3


Colleen said...

LOL A much better Santa than what Izzie had! You'd better not ask her what she wants for Christmas, she's liable to answer "a PONY!".

Christi and Abbey said...

She is so beautiful!!