Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinese New Year Festival fun…

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, a warm 75 degrees, for the annual Chinese New Year Festival at the Phoenix Cultural Center. It was great to get out and see families from our local FCC who we haven’t seen in quite a while.  Our FCC group here in Phoenix has slowed WAY down over the past few years and it’s membership seems to have hit rock bottom as there are little to no waiting or returning from China families.  The group used to host a Chinese New Year festival all it’s own, but now only has a booth at this Phx festival. 

Here are the two little dance groups that FCC has left…


Here’s Lauren with her BFF, Lily, and twins Jenna and Jadyn.  Aren’t they the cutest in their dance outfits??


They always have Koy for sale at the festival.  Lauren thought they were pretty cool, but very stinky! 


Of course, she had to ride all the kiddie rides.  Here she is trying to be fearless holding her arms up, even though she’s seat belted in AND in a cage!  Oh well, she was definitely having fun. 


She loved the train and her personal favorite, the bounce house…


Then it was onto the glitter tattoos for a sparkly unicorn in blue.  By the way, her favorite color is either blue or green, depending on which way the wind in blowing at the time.  Winking smile


After that, we were off to the Chinese craft booth to make some dragons.  Lily made a Fire Dragon and Lauren’s is a Mountain Dragon, according to the very sweet Chinese women who helped the girls put their craft together. 


At the festival, we also got to meet up with a family from our China travel group who just relocated here from Ohio.  It was SO nice to see them again and I’m so happy to have them close by now!  I think there’s a bit of a special connection between families who go through the China travel experience together.

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Catherine said...

What a great festival and a way to celebrate with friends! Lauren looks like she had a blast from start to finish! Oh my how your sweetie is growing up!

How neat that one of your travel group families has moved closer! Yay!