Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sick baby...

This past Saturday everything seemed fine until Lauren felt a little warm late in the afternoon. We gave her Tylenol and she started to cool down. By bed time she warmed back up again to 101, so we gave her another dose and put her to sleep in our bed. By 1:30am she was tossing and turning and woke me up. I reached over to feel her and couldn't believe how hot she was! We jumped out of bed, gave her another dose of Tylenol and started running a lukewarm bath. Her temperature was 104.5, which seemed scary high to us! She screamed and cried in the bath and we couldn't get her to calm down. We called our HMO's emergency pediatrician line, but started getting really worried while waiting for the call back so we took her to the emergency room.

They checked her out and gave her a dose of Motrin. She was so good while they checked her ears, throat and listened to her chest. Everything looked fine, but they wanted to do a urine test by catheter. It was horrible holding her down for that...I felt SO bad. She was screaming and crying and she was all sweaty from the poor baby! Three hours later, we were leaving the hospital with the diagnosis of a stomach virus. She was so much better by the next day.

I'll tell you, as a new parent that first high fever is really scary! I kept thinking she would have a seizure...I felt so helpless. It's so hard when they are sick and all you can do is give the medication, love them and wait.


Michelle said...

Oh no! That sounds like it was a tough time for everyone involved. I'm glad she's feeling better. It must be so hard to see your baby sick.

Christie said...

Oh, this is my big fear...Quint being sick. We've been so fortunate so far, and I WOE the day that a high fever shows up. I'm just far to panicky in those situations...

You did good, Momma!

Dawn and Dale said...

LOVE the page for this moment but don't like the moment! :o( Poor sweet Lauren!!

With 6 kids I've had my fair share of the 104 fevers! They are not fun!!! Definitely stick to motrin on those days though! Works much quicker and better than the tylonal does! When my kids are sick I usually try to give them tylonal doses during the day and save the motrin for nights. And the key is to give it to them right when they are due again preventing the fever from getting so high again!

Sooooo glad she fought her bug quickly! That high fever must have knocked the socks off of those bugs!!! lol ;o)

M3 said...

Yikes, glad everything's ok now. The high fevers freak me out too.

Mama to virtual twins said...

I'm so glad to hear Lauren is
feeling better. It's so hard
when your a new parent and this
happens for the first time. She
is just getting prettier all
the time.




Diana said...

My boys Dr always said it was not the number that worried them it was how they acted with the fever (lethargic) and how it reacted to medicine. I was always more of a numbers person also and I would freak..
Welcome to momhood!! Glad Lauren is feeling better.

Catherine said...

Poor, poor little lamby...and mommy and baba too! Yikes...scary! Glad your sweet baby girl is better now. Fevers are scary!

Anne said...

Oh, poor little girl! So glad she's feeling better, though! I love your scrapbook page :)

Diane and John said...

It is a helpless feeling when your kids are sick! There are a lot of viruses around. Good handwashing after being out in public is important as well as wiping down those grocery Glad she is feeling better. Miss all of you!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh goodness, I hope she is feeling MUCH better now. That first time is terrifying... and the fear never truly goes away when the fevers go that high.

Carol and Taylor said...

I wish you all peace and tranquility, as you ALL recover from this round of illness. Lauren will be bouncing off the walls very soon, meanwhile, you and your husband will still be feeling like you were hit by a truck...twice.

Happy healing to you all,

carol and taylor

Michelle said...

Yes, those first high fevers can be scary...but you did all the right things!!! She is just precious!!

Kristy said...

Oh poor babygirl, I hope she is better by now, poor baby.

Love and blessings, Kristy

ps hang in there mom , you did great!!