Friday, October 15, 2010

New shops…

A couple of friends of mine have new shops set up on the web and I wanted to give them a quick plug. 

Click here for Stephe’s Designs on Cafe Press.  Stephe can customize a design for you and have it printed on lots of different items.  She’s super flexible, does great work and can work magic in Photoshop. 

Click here for Cactus Bloom Designs.  Michele makes beautiful embroidered note cards and really cool 3-D photo boxes, among other things.  If you need a card for someone special, check these out. 

Totally unrelated, but a pic of Lauren that truly captures her sweet, fun personality.  Her smile melts my heart and lights up a room!



Carolin said...

that beautiful smile certainly does light up!

What a blessing motherhood is!!!

Stephe said...

Thanks for the plug!!! Love that cutie in the post too!!! :) Stephe