Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fun stuff…

If you’re fans of Charlie and Lola in your household, pick this adorable DVD up next time you head out to Tarjay.  It was only $5.99 and has a Christmas episode plus six others! 

The Christmas episode is very cute.  It follows them as they open the doors on their Advent calendar and Lola’s letter to Father Christmas gets mixed up with another card and not sent off.  They have a little adventure making sure that her letter is received in time for Christmas.  Lauren just loves it and is watching it right now.  We watched it last night for the first time and she asked for it again first thing this morning. 



There are no fancy Advent calendars around her this year.  I have all the supplies for a Pottery Barn Kids inspired x-mas tree calendar, but it will have to wait for next year.  Instead, this one from Tarjay will have to do…


I’m guessing Lauren likes it anyway, since I found it later propped up on top of her kitchen…


We also picked this up, inspired by M3’s post.  So after I actually get our tree up and the house decorated, then this will be next.  Ughh…I’m so behind this year!


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M3 said...

Alright, enjoy the gingerbread assembly. Ours was a little, um, chaotic. But the girls just thought it was tops!