Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Star of the Week

The kids in Lauren’s preschool class take turns being the “Star” of the week.  They have a list of questions to answer and get to display a poster of photos in class. 


Here’s how she answered her questions:

Favorite game: Tag
Favorite song: Patty Cake (huh, wouldn’t really classify that as a song.  My favorite is Moon, Moon, Moon by Laurie Berkner.  We sing that at bedtime.  Does anyone know this one?  It’s very sweet.)
Favorite activity: Riding my scooter and bike (in that exact order)
My nickname is: Honey Bunny
My favorite color: Blue
My favorite animal: Elephants and doggies (she wants two big doggies, one black and one brown)
My favorite food is: Pancakes and hotdogs (not together though)
My family includes: Mommy, Daddy and Lucy in heaven


Lisa~~ said...

Very sweet!

Colleen said...

You could combine the two doggies into one and get her one big dog that has black and brown coloring!

which reminds me, you all doing anything the weekend of May 21?