Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beach Robe on the way and Disney disappointment…

I decided to try the Beach Robe pattern that Dana from Made just put out.  Lauren is always having a hard time keeping her towel on when she gets out of the pool and then she complains that she’s cool.  This robe, made from a towel, will be the perfect solution!  This evening I got it cut out.  Time will tell if I’m motivated to sew it tomorrow or if we’re heading out to the pool. 


Today we headed over to the Disney store for a Winnie the Pooh story-time, which was a promotion for the new movie coming out on Friday.  By the way, we can’t wait to see Pooh’s new adventure! 



I was disappointed with Disney today…and I’m a huge Disney fan, so that’s saying a lot.  Not because of the storytime, cause that was very cute.  Before storytime they handed out little plushes of Pooh, Eyore, and Owl to the kids waiting in line, then after storytime they collected them back!  They handed them out like it was a little gift for attending storytime and let the kids hold on to them for a good half hour.  Afterwards, they brought out the bags and back they went.  I heard one little girl ask if she could keep her Pooh bear and the cast member said “only if your mom would like to buy you one”. 

I think if they were going to take the plushes back, they should have said something like this as they handed them out…“our Hundred Acre Woods friends are going to visit while we read the story and you can hold on to one, but then they have to go back to the Woods afterwards”.  Oh well, I left the store without buying something after that, and anyone who knows me knows that rarely happens.  ;)


Polar Bear said...

That is SO wrong!!! You would like Disney would know better. I would write them a letter!!

LOVE the beach robe idea!

sierrasmom said...

I certainly agree with you...that is just mean to not have told the kids!!!!

Jen said...

Sounds kind of heartless. They def. should have warne the kids that the stuffed animal friends were just visiting, not going home with them!

Anonymous said...

How did beach robe turn out & how long did it take to make?

Donna said...

Anonymous...the robe turned out great and we still use it all the time after baths. You can see the finished robe here: