Friday, July 29, 2011

Bedroom finally done!


A while back we got Lauren some “big girl” furniture at IKEA but we never really got her room done. Everything on the walls was still set up for her old furniture and her room has been a mess.

Today, we spent some time getting her room cleaned up and re-hung all her wall stuff. As you can see in the pics, she LOVES her big girl bed and Tinkerbell comforter set.



This vanity and chair work out perfectly as a little desk and it’s so cute. There are two top drawers and a big pencil drawer for stashing stuff. I’m thinking when she gets older she can use a laptop here and have a quiet spot for homework.




The picture that looks like it’s hung too low is actually a growth chart and I really LOVE it. It’s a painted canvas. I only have today’s height marked right now (39”) so I need to back track and fill in the rest.


This picture is one of the first we ever saw of our sweetie. We fell in love at first sight!



Lisa~~ said...

Lauren's room is beautiful and so is she. Her smile is just wonderful.

Diane and John said...

Love the room Donna. You do have a flair for decorating and crafts! Lauren looks so excited in her big girl bed!

Anne said...!!!! The room is adorable and so is she :)

sierrasmom said...

It's beautiful Donna. I have to finish Sierra's room this week. Need to rearrange some furniture!!