Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father’s Day Gifts…

Luckily Joe doesn’t read my blog, so we can show off his Father’s Day gifts here.  We ordered the free 8” x 10” stretched canvas that Canvas People was offering as a Father’s Day special.  I paid shipping, which was about $14.   I found it difficult to get my photo collage centered correctly on their template so that only the white border was wrapping.  I ended up with lots of room on top and the bottom wrapping under.  Oh well…Daddy won’t notice or care.  

IMG_2120 IMG_2121

I had Lauren sign the back.  It looks see-thru in the photo, but it’s not.  I have it propped up and there is a light behind it.  It’s actually very good quality and I would order from them again. 


Daddy is also getting some grill stuff including a pizza pan (I’m dying to try pizza on the grill), hamburger press and seasonings all from Cost Plus World Market.  I absolutely LOVE that store!


After shopping for Dad, Lauren spent some money from her piggy bank at Toys-R-Us and picked out this awesome set of Olivia’s whole family.  The only thing missing is Perry, the dog.  Olivia is holding Edwin, the cat.  Can you tell we LOVE Olivia?  ;)



Lisa and Tate said...

LOVE the print! So cute that she signed it on the back! Cabana Joe is so lucky to have such a twirly beautiful girl and an amazing wife.


Carolin said...

love world market too!

I think Joe is gonna love his presents!!!

Cora said...

Such a great idea, he is going to love it!