Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flip Flop Fun…


This was a fun little project using flip flops and two packages of those long skinny balloons…both from Tarjay.


Just cut the balloons in half and tie them to the strap of the flip flop until it’s full.  Give the balloons a trim so it looks in proportion with the shoes and you’re done.  Lauren got a kick out of them and she wanted to wear them the very next day.


She tried to help me with the project and here’s her completed shoe.  I think she gave it a good attempt all on her own.  ;) 



Cora said...


Lisa~~ said...

Adorable, I'm going to make these with Maisie.

Carolin said...

very, very cute - you're so talented!

Catherine said...

What a great, fun craft that's fun to wear afterwards!